Create Your Own Content For Your Digital Screens In PowerPoint!

Bringing Motion And Design To Your Signage


Create your own regular internal communications with the ease of PowerPoint


Manage your own digital menu's and product shout-outs with easy to use PowerPoint Templates


Choose a motion loop from a wide variety and add your own text and images in PowerPoint


Fun PowerPoint templates for quizzes, birthday video's, Zoom backgrounds and games

Take control of your Digital Screen Content

Create your own content with the ease of PowerPoint!

PowerPoint is the only tool you need to create motion-rich content for your digital screens.

Outsourcing can be expensive and time consuming, but with the accesable and versatile PowerPoint, you can create dazzling digital content for your digital screens.

Create your own digital menus, information boards, retail displays, corporate communications and much more to maximize your digital screen use, all with the ease of PowerPoint and Motion Background Loops!

How does it work?

Creating your own digital content in PowerPoint with seamless background video loops is easy! Simply import a background loop into PowerPoint, add text and images, and render to a video file within PowerPoint!

The resulting video will play in seamless, perpetual loop, giving you eye-catching visual communication on your digital screens. All loops have a duration of less than 30 seconds and  are full HD 1920×1080.

Why Loops?

Digital signage needn’t be static. Digital signage has a very powerful advantage: it can leverage motion. Digital signs capture an average of more than 400% more views than that of static signs.

The most effective and economical way to introduce motion is by looping the motion seamlessly, eliminating jarring jumps. A looping video is smaller in file size and less heavy on resources, ensuring smooth playback.

Ready-made PowerPoint Templates

Download ready-to-go PowerPoint Templates with looping motion backgrounds. Simply add text and images in auto-fit text and images place holders and render to a seamlessly looping video with built in animation and motion. No extensive PowerPoint skills required, the templates are designed for ease of use!

Create your own digital menu’s, retail product shout-outs, corporate communications, info-boards, quizzes and games, all with the ease of ready-to-go PowerPoint templates. Simply add text and images in auto-fit text and image place holders and render to a video file. The video file will play in a seamless loop. 

Zoom background loops

Birthday Videos

Digital Menu's

Corporate Communication

Quizzes & Games


Download the sample loop, import into PowerPoint, add text and images and render to a video file. The resulting video will loop seamlessly.

Instructions included.


Select from our extensive galley of background loops with more colour and design variety. Loops for digital menu’s, signage, message boards, corporate communication and hospitality.