Create Content for your Digital Screens with the ease of PowerPoint.

Motion Background Loops and PowerPoint Templates to help you create your own Digital Signage.

Why Motion Loops?

Signage and messaging with motion is 400% more effective than static signage. Digital screens are designed to display limitless motion, color and vibrance, ensuring that your message is eye-catching and engaging.

Our 10 second background motion loops are designed and animated in software dedicated to advanced motion graphics, to bring rich animation to your digital signage.  PowerPoint is then used to add images and text, and to render to a video.

Why PowerPoint?

With over 500 million users worldwide, PowerPoint is a ubiquitous tool widely recognised and used for the creation of content for digital screens. PowerPoint is able to create full HD, high quality video which can be played on modern digital screens.

Outsourcing of content creation for your digital screens can be costly and time consuming. But now PowerPoint is increasingly being recognized as the most accessible and easy to use tool for the creation of content in the age of the digital screen.

How does it work?

Simply import a motion background loop into PowerPoint and add text and pictures in the pre-designed areas. Render to a video from inside PowerPoint and play the video in a seamless loop on your digital screen. 

PowerPoint has the ability to create a video from your presentation in full HD. Our loops are designed to play in a seamless loop on your digital screen, creating professional, eye-catching. motion-rich digital messaging.